Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Inbox and Diary Management

Efficient and effective calendar and inbox organisation. Detox that Inbox and adopt a zero free rule.

Free yourself from email overload and never miss another appointment.

Travel Concierge

My travel agents are renowned for their international expertise even with complicated itineraries. I will present you with the options , the itinerary and all the documentation - you can be assured that your trip, no matter how complicated will be stress-free.

Event Planning

From corporate shindigs to personal celebrations, let me find the perfect venue, arrange the catering, entertainment and invitations so you can sit back and relax knowing it's all in hand. 

Audio/Media  Transcription

Lectures, podcasts, books, draft emails, presentations  - you name it, I can transcribe it. Fast, accurate copy straight to your Inbox as required. 

Finance Admin

Don't you find that finance admin always gets pushed to the bottom of the pile?  Well, procrastinate no longer. Let me log your expense receipts , chase up debts and keep an eye on your finances so you don't have to.

Fleet Management

Have you ever tried juggling the myriad of reminders for tax, MOT, and services for a fleet?

It's a helluva job.

Hand this onerous task to me and I'll have all your vehicles booked in, road tax paid for, insurance renewed and for frequent travellers set-up toll road accounts so you'll never forget a payment. 

Specialist Dental Support

If you need freedom from the administrative, operational, and daily clerical tasks so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and growing your practice, 

I have 3 years experience in supporting Harley Street specialists with comprehensive back office support ensuring you optimise your productivity.

Lifestyle Management

Need to find an Airbnb? Moving house? Need a plumber? Want to book a holiday but can't be bothered to do the research?


Let me do the research, present the options and you can choose what works for you.

Print, Design, Branding

From printing, branding, corporate identity, web design and development, our expert design guru will deliver on time and budget and to your choice of location.

Zoom CoHosting

Do you need help co-hosting a Zoom event? My specialist can help no matter what the size of the event and help you manage delegates, breakout rooms, meeting roles, polling and Q&A's. 

Peace of mind will reign!


If you haven't yet got a CRM in place, now is the time!

Let me research the best system for your needs, import all your contacts, connect it to your Inbox - and hey prestos, never lose a contact or any historical information again.

You will wonder how you survived without one.

Fully insured and ICO registered