On the subject of me

Hello and welcome. I'm Lisa Eden, and it's a pleasure to meet you!


The Virtual Connection was founded in 2017 with a mission: to bring my skills and expertise to a much wider client base. 

I approach each of my clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique organisational strategies to support and enhance their business.

Though the business has grown since our founding, we’re still the same business at heart.


As a specialist in supporting all manner of businesses, I have a particular affinity for working with entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, financiers, marketers and creatives to enable them to bring their business vision to life.  With over 30 years of experience under my belt spent in a multitude of diverse industries in the UK and internationally, there is nothing I cannot turn my hand to.


When you work with me you get a personable, humorous, patient, quick thinking and dedicated professional - I truly care about the people I work with.


I offer full business support on a flexible basis for a regular amount per day or a one-off-project to help you through the busy and not so busy periods of your business. 


Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, the home of horse racing, I live near the Gallops -watching the racehorses ride out every day is always a delight.  I'm an avid supporter of rescue English Bull Terriers so Jessie, my current rescue shares my office space and keeps me company! My spare time is devoted to my other business as an alternative therapist which brings a great combination of balance to a somewhat hectic and challenging daytime workload. 


So if you find yourself struggling to find enough time in your day to focus on what you really love, reclaim your time and schedule a free consultation.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Time to call for assistance and grow your business

If you are setting up and running a new business, or any business for that matter, it's hard work, especially if you’re going it alone. Unfortunately, the urgency of your endless to-do list tasks and your overflowing inbox seem eat up all your time and energy and you end up feeling utterly overwhelmed which ultimately affects your productivity.


When you partner with me, you place your daily tasks in the hands of an experienced administrator who truly cares about the success of your business. Plus, partnering with a virtual assistant saves you oodles of time, energy, and money in the long run, and provides a solid foundation on which to build your business. With fewer interruptions during your day, you’ll get more accomplished, feel more productive, and feel less stressed.  ​

The bountiful benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you are a new or an existing small business owner who wants to focus on kick starting your venture the best way you can, you need to get rid of small, repetitive duties and let an individual virtual assistant take care of all of this for you. All those small, daunting tasks that consume your time and interfere with your creativity can be a thing of the past. By hiring a task-based individual virtual assistant you'll find the arrangement much more flexible and more affordable.  ​​

  • A Virtual Assistant can drive business growth keeping in regular contact with your customers/clients when you can't. 

  • You are not tied to a geographical location - your VA can be anywhere, anytime, for anything giving your business much more flexibility

  • You will benefit from decreased operational costs saving £££s on office space, PAYE and benefits, office space and equipment

  • You will have A REDUCED WORKLOAD! A VA is skilled in multiple areas.  You'll find you are no longer stretched - you can focus on the more important aspects of your business and reduce your workplace stress

  • Not everything requires your full attention so by negating the 'small stuff', you can concentrate on the core business requirements

  • A VA will bill you only for the hours they work.  So paying for sick days, holiday days or other benefits is not required. This can save a great deal of money for you, while providing you with valuable services to operate your business methodically.

  • A VA will do more work in less time leaving you to focus on driving business growth. Why go solo when you can hire a talented and multi-disciplined VA?

  • A VA is FLEXIBLE so they can take on almost anything and with ranging connections to other VAs and specialists, any aspect of the business can be covered in the same virtual manner

  • Having a virtual assistant on your side allows you to have more leisure time. So identify the tasks that require your direct attention and for the rest of the tasks, assign a VA to get those done within time! By offloading your mundane tasks, a virtual assistant can literally add more productive hours to your day. 



Don't delay, call today!