New Services for 2020

Travel Planning

With the support of an experienced travel agent, specialising in business travel, we can now offer full UK and international travel support for even the most complicated itineraries. Flights, accommodation, rail, hire car, limos, helicopters, you name it, we can get it. We can also assist with personal holiday research. 

We offer exclusive rates for as little as £10 per inclusive business/personal trip.

Appointment Setting

Do you set appointments for clients, customers, patients? We have oodles of experience on this one - from specialist consultants to floral designers and marketing gurus - not much fazes us!


We'll ensure you never miss a booking with our 5-star call handling service. 

Holiday cover

Do you need to escape for a well-earned break? Are you fretting about your calls being answered and emails going unmonitored whilst you're away? 


If you want a temporary solution to this dilemma, look no further. Our small but perfectly proportioned team will look after your business as if it is our own so you can relax on the beach, climb mountains or sail off into the sunset. 

Research Projects

Almost every great business idea, project, or plan starts with research.

To ensure you have the best possible results, you have to put in the time to carefully sift through and then validate the data.

We're sitting at our desks all day,every day so we have the time (and the inclination!) to work on finding the best solution for you. 

From CRMs to party venues, we'll find the best options and report back to you with all the possible choices within budget and deadline.  Give us a try!

Call Handling

If you are working solo or in a small team, you might be struggling with the constant interruption of calls and voicemails so why not let us answer your calls for you?
We have VOIP technology, so we can do more than just take a message.  Wouldn't your clients appreciate a human voice (especially ours), rather than an answering machine? 
You bet they would!   

You'll be covered Monday - Friday between 09:00-5: 30 pm.

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We're evolving

We want you to know we're always exploring new ways to make you more time savvy and so we constantly strive to find better systems, apps and processes to help you be more efficient.
We now have a small and every experienced team with very differing skills and expertise so we can be sure to cover almost all of your needs and if we can't, we will find someone who can!